The GRAFIT Cover Band's unique acoustic concert!


GRAFIT Cover Band can play well-known and popular "Unplugged" concert. Initiated by MTV television series of concerts "Unplugged" was a huge success. It was received with great enthusiasm in every country in the world. A lot of artists such as : Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam, Hey, Kayah or Kult perform in an "unplugged" series. You can attend this type of concert right now! Our concerts are 100% live. We will play the most famous international hits in acoustic versions for you and your guests. During the concert we will use the first-class acoustic instruments as well as we will create the peculiar climate of unplugged concerts.


For whom? Where?


If you want to dignify your celebration with the exceptional musical performance or you want to provide calm and remarkable musical setting, "GRAFIT Cover Band Unplugged" is the best choice. The acoustic concert is recommended for Owners of cosy restaurants and the café which are looking for the sophisticated music setting.


Technical rider


This concert will hold if you fulfil the points specified in technical rider (download here). You can also use our technical equipment and sound system. We have got the most advanced musical equipment. We use the LINE ARRAY sound systems, digital control hardware, and dynamic lighting. We also provide full technical support. The concert lasts more than two hours and can be extended for encores.


*The event organizer is obliged to provide spacious, dry, heated room for the team GRAFIT. It is necessary to prepare for the show and for a short rest after that. More information in our technical rider.


Getting to the event


We have an own means of transport and we can reach into every part of Poland easily. Commuting costs and transport of the equipment should be added to the price of the musical setting, it is 1.60 PLN/km of both sides. At distances above 70 km providing accommodation for all band members is necessary.