Christmas carol concert by GRAFIT Cover Band!


Get into the seasonal spirit at a festive carol concert! Christmas time is a special period in our lives! We are waiting for this special time with joy. Christmas meeting with colleagues, friends, and family is always associated with kindness and wonderful memories. If you want to enjoy the timeless story of Christmas, you should invite GRAFIT Cover Band! We will organize the unique Christmas carol concert for you!


The evening will begin a formal welcome speech and a short introduction. During the concert, the audience will hear and sing the most traditional Christmas carols such as: Silent Night or God is born. We will show you some new arrangement of these carols. It will be Christmas Carol concert as you’ve never seen it, or heard it before. Our Christmas carol concert will be 100% live. We have got many well-known Christmas songs like All I Want For Christmas Is You, Last Christmas or Marry Christmas Everyone in our repertoire. In addition, we will prepare a songbook for everyone which let us sing together with joy.




During the concert, you will hear properly selected, traditional and most famous Christmas carols and Christmas songs. You will receive the proposal of the repertoire with the appropriate advance and if you find it necessary, you will be able to introduce the amendment. We want your guests to hear glorious, memorable and irresistible carols and songs. What is more, it is important to make your guests feel comfortable during this celebration.


Technical rider


This concert will hold if you fulfil the points specified in technical rider (download here). You can also use our technical equipment and sound system. We have got the most advanced musical equipment. We use the LINE ARRAY sound systems, digital control hardware, and dynamic lighting. We also provide full technical support. The concert lasts more than two hours and can be extended for encores.


*The event organizer is obliged to provide spacious, dry, heated room for the team GRAFIT. It is necessary to prepare for the show and for a short rest after that. More information in our technical rider.


Getting to the event


We have an own means of transport and we can reach into every part of Poland easily. Commuting costs and transport of the equipment should be added to the price of the musical setting, it is 1.60 PLN/km of both sides. At distances above 70 km providing accommodation for all band members is necessary.