GRAFIT Cover Band will play your dream concert!


Have your ever dreamed about attending a concert of THE BEATLES or other legendary group of the 70's or 80's? Do you know the unforgettable ABBA's best hits? Or maybe you're a fan of golden age of MAANAM? You can call and invite us for your event right now! Together we can organize a memorable "tribute show" which will transfer you to your favorite music group's performance. We offer a few kinds of theme concerts (these theme concerts are 100% live) for example:




Review of the most famous songs of the Swedish group Abba. Carefully prepared show, which will take the audience to the golden years of disco music. Special styling and selected clothes for musicians will make you feel like you really went to a concert of the legendary group - Abba.



that is a crazy journey into the golden years of the 70's, 80's & 90's


Concert, during which the audience will go through a musical journey since the early 70's until the early 90's. In this programme the guests will hear the songs of the Beatles, Boney M, Dire Straits and Tina Turner.




Review of the most well-known bands' songs of times of the People's Republic of Poland. During this concert you will hear songs recorded by Bajm, Budka Suflera, Lady Pank, Lombard, Maryla Rodowicz, Perfect and OZ. The best edition of Polish music.




Concert of the radio music. There is a review of modern songs from popular radio stations. During this concert we will show a special stage lighting and pyrotechnical effects.




A concert devoted to the artistic work of one of the best Polish rock bands. In this programme you can find all best-known songs such as: Cykady na cykladach, Kocham cię kochanie moje, O! Nie rób tyle hałasu, Wyjątkowo zimny maj and lots of others. This kind of concert refers to the unforgettable performance "The best of" Maanam from 1994 in its style.




*We can also prepare your dream "tribute show" dedicated to any subject or musical genre. You must delegate special "tribute show" to our band minimum 4 months before the show.


Technical rider


This concert will hold if you fulfil the points specified in technical rider (download here). You can also use our technical equipment and sound system. We have got the most advanced musical equipment. We use the LINE ARRAY sound systems, digital control hardware, and dynamic lighting. We also provide full technical support. Each of previously mentioned concerts lasts more than two hours and can be extended for encores.


*The event organizer is obliged to provide spacious, dry, heated room for the team GRAFIT. It is necessary to prepare for the show and for a short rest after that. More information in our technical rider.


Getting to the event


We have an own means of transport and we can reach into every part of Poland easily. Commuting costs and transport of the equipment should be added to the price of the musical setting, it is 1.60 PLN/km of both sides. At distances above 70 km providing accommodation for all band members is necessary.