Dancing high-jinks with GRAFIT CoverBand


We offer a professional setting of dance clubs and dance evenings. Just let's dance and become the king of the dance floor! We offer three kinds of music programme:




GRAFIT CoverBand plays Polish and foreign dance music of the 70's and 80's. In addition, the guest have opportunity to watch the characteristic of disco era illumination. It won't be possible to forget it! It is 100% live!




It is combination of the most famous songs of the three largest radio stations in Poland (latest hits in Poland). In this programme you can hear every track which is popular and good to dance. There are a lot of both Polish and foreign songs.



or "salad bowl" performed by GRAFIT Cover Band


It is a combination of two previously mentioned programmes (SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and RADIOMIX). You will hear both the unforgettable "golden oldies" as well as the latest radio hits.

If you choose one of the described programmes, GRAFIT Cover Band will provide the full stage service of the event FREE! Therefore, we will bring professional sound system and illumination as well as we will tune them up appropriately to the hall and the stage.


*The event organizer is obliged to provide spacious, dry, heated room for the team GRAFIT. It is necessary to prepare for the show and for a short rest after that.


Getting to the event


We have an own means of transport and we can reach into every part of Poland easily. Commuting costs and transport of the equipment should be added to the price of the musical setting, it is 1.60 PLN/km of both sides. At distances above 70 km providing accommodation for all band members is necessary.