We know that the event is successful if many factors harmonize with themselves perfectly. We also know that every event has its own unique atmosphere. What is more, each time you need to create this type of atmosphere and it is important to be able to share it with guests.


We provide services to both individuals and companies. We had the opportunity to host dozens of scenes in Poland. Both young people, and elderly ones are playing and having fun with us. We are able to play very subtle. Furthermore, our band can give an energetic show, which will be filled with rock and roll moments. All this depends on the kind of ceremony and the nature of the event, on which we act. You do not have to worry about the sound system, and illumination - we will organize it all for you. Trust us, and your event will be successful! You only have to have great fun!





"Kochani dziękujemy za świetną imprezę. Dzięki Wam mieliśmy wesele z prawdziwą klasą! Nie wyobrażamy sobie naszego wesela z innym zespołem. Gorąco polecamy! Najlepszy zespół ever!"