GRAFIT Cover Band on your wedding reception!


Are you looking for a band that will make your wedding reception absolutely unique? You have just found it! We know that this day is a special day for you. We will conduct your wedding reception with appropriate care. Our band will make that your guests will not want to walk down the dance floor. Don't be worried about acoustic properties and technical support of the wedding room. We have the highest quality equipment that will be good in every conditions and allow your guests the best music experience.


How does it happen?


We will begin your great day with traditional welcome in front of the stage. We will play for you on the traditional instuments. After that you will take your seats and as newly-weds start celebrating your wedding reception. The ball must be loud and joyful of course! So we will take care for proper arranging of the repertoire (we have a rich resource of over 400 songs). We will conduct fun dances, as well as we will brighten the time up for wedding guests with traditional feast behind the tables. In order to wait it out to the end of the wedding, you will have to taste chef's hot dishes. However, the dance floor will be empty only during these moments of your wedding reception. As, the band stops playing, calm music will turn up in the background, from carefully selected records. The standard music blocks last for 50min. - 1 hour. After this time, it is a short break (20 minutes). After the midnight we will begin traditional wedding game with guests and newlyweds. The wedding with our Cover Band will last till early morning hours. Thanks to GRAFIT Cover Band every guest will leave it fully pleased!


Book us for your wedding right now!


We will confirm a reservation of the date which you are interested in with signing the contract. It is possible to sign the contract in the registered office of the band (after prior arranging the meeting) or by post. In the second case, first, please send a scanned ID of the person who conclude a contract. Then we send to you two signed copies of the contract and look forward to signing and returning one of them. Reserving requires advance payment. However, it does not exceed 30% of the agreed remuneration.


The journey and the transport of the equipment


Do you live far away from us, and the wedding takes place there? Of course we will arrive there! We have an own means of transport and we can reach into every part of Poland easily. At distances above 70 kilometers providing accommodation for all band members is necessary.